Advanced Memory Foam


Increase Cooling Capacity with Open-Cell Viscoelastic Foam

Advanced Memory Foam represents a new generation of viscoelastic foam specifically designed to target the main weaknesses of conventional memory foam. This breathable and odorless foam features dramatically improved static and dynamic fatigue properties. Advanced Memory Foam opens the cell structure and improves airflow by 95%. It also dissipates heat and moisture three times faster than conventional memory foam. The unique open-cell structure of Advanced Memory Foam improves heat flow by enabling higher conductivity and allowing heat to leave the foam through convection.


  • Dramatically enhanced airflow
  • Superior heat and moisture dissipation
  • Improved pressure distribution
  • Outstanding static and dynamic fatigue properties
  • Pure and virtually odorless nature
  • Compatible with TDI, MDI, and blended isocyanates
  • Greater control of physical attributes (cell size, Tg, recovery rate, strength, durability, etc.) independent of target density and hardness


True, Durable Visco Properties

Advanced Memory Foam is the first polyurethane foam designed to have true viscoelastic properties without relying on cell tightness to achieve a slow recovery rate. Since the viscoelastic properties are attributed to the structure of the polymer, Advanced Memory Foam foams retain visco properties when undergoing static and dynamic loads of pressure. The open-cell nature of Advanced Memory Foam also enables it to relax more quickly in response to body heat, providing greater comfort and support.