Surface Infused PCM


Elevating the Cooling Story to Bidirectional Thermoregulation

Surface Infused PCM phase-change microgel technology represents a bidirectional thermoregulation of the bedding microclimate. This revolutionary gel-encapsulation process of phase-change materials (PCMs) elevates the cooling technology of Temperature & Pressure Additives viscoelastic foams to a new level. By maintaining an optimal temperature through an infinitely reversible molecular transformation, restful sleep can be achieved!

The distribution of phase-change material throughout the foam, as well as the fast conductivity of the open-cell visco/gel combination, enable Surface Infused PCM material to meet the temperature needs of different regions of the body. Body heat can be absorbed from high-temperature areas like the torso and rapidly transfer to the cooler extremities. This results in a uniform distribution of heat throughout the mattress to maintain a comfortable temperature for restful sleep.


  • Has the ability to absorb or liberate large amounts of heat depending on the temperature needs
  • Adapts to the needs of both hotter and cooler parts of the body
  • Retains flexibility, durability, and support of Temperature & Pressure Additives visco
  • Maintains the bed microclimate at optimal sleep temperature


An Extremely High Heat Capacity Maintains Optimal Temperature Levels

The unique Surface Infused PCM technology incorporates the thermoregulation of phase-change material into open-cell viscoelastic gel-foam technology, providing improved temperature regulation. Studies have demonstrated that the optimal skin temperature of a person that provides most comfortable and restful sleep is 87° to 90°F (30- 32°C). This temperature is maintained through the infinitely reversible phase-change of the ThermaPhase™ material, as it can absorb or liberate heat when it is in contact with a body having a surface temperature higher or lower than the target temperature.

Surface Infused PCM can act as a giant heat sink or source (depending on temperature conditions), with its heat capacity peaking at the most comfortable temperature for sleeping. Compared with conventional visco foam, Surface Infused PCM material has up to 7 times greater dynamic thermal conductivity and over 650 times greater heat capacity in the target range. Depending on the amount loaded into foam, ThermaPhase™ material can increase the foam’s thermal capacity 10-35 times.

Surface Infused PCM combines highly conductive, open-cell visco with the added heat capacity and conductivity of gel to produce a very powerful heat transfer system. Upon reaching an ideal sleeping temperature, the phase change material undergoes a molecular transformation. This change of phase results in an extremely high heat capacity that works to maintain the temperature at the optimal level.

The superior heat absorption capability of Surface Infused PCM foam becomes evident when comparing DSC data of two foams: a plain visco foam sample and a visco with 40% Surface Infused PCM incorporated into it. Conventional viscoelastic foam maintains a relatively stable heat capacity as the temperature changes, while the ThermaPhase™ visco shows a dramatic heat capacity increase in the target range. To demonstrate the superior heat capacity provided by the Surface Infused PCM material, the areas under the heat capacity curves of the two foams can be calculated within the range from room temperature (22°C) to optimal skin temperature (31°C). The areas represent the total amount of heat energy that can be stored in each foam type within this temperature range.